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Current research

My research interests focus on theoretical biology to understand how space, time, and precision are related at different scales in biology such as embryo development or synthetic biology.  To this end I am developing a systems biology mathematical framework that reveals insight into cell fate decisions employing  analytical and computational tools that make use of dynamical systems, stochastic processes, and Bayesian inference.

In order to keep my research relevant to current biology, I have a network of experimental collaborators studying the timing and precision of cellular transitions in different contexts. These include developmental biologists targeting mechanisms of time control during early gastrulation (Tristan Rodriguez – Imperial College London), interspecies heterochronies during neural specification (James Briscoe – The Francis Crick Institute), or the exploration of spatiotemporal gene expression precision with synthetic circuits encoding different functionalities ( Yolanda Schaerli – University of Lausanne,  and Chris Barnes – UCL).